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Alguns “cases” que a empresa PODE divulgar

  1. Tradução de texto do Comitê de Ética (Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics) - The Ethics Working Group on ZIKV Research & Pregnancy. Faden RR et al. Ethics, pregnancy, and ZIKV vaccine research & development. Vaccine (2017),

  2. Tradução do IWGDF Guidelines on the Prevention and Management of Diabetic Food Disease (2019).



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  3. Czepielewski, M. A.  et al.  (2021). Switching from originator recombinant growth hormone (Genotropin™) to biosimilar (CRISCY™): Results from a 6-month, multicentric, non-inferiority, extension trial. Growth Hormone & IGF Research, 56: 101372.

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  6. Freelancer para a IQVIA – Clinical Research Services


  1. Gustavo Anderman Silva Barison, Paulo D’Amora, Mário Augusto Izidoro et al. Metabolomic Profiling of Peripheral Plasma by GC-MS and Correlation with Size of Uterine Leiomyomas, Journal of the Endocrine Society, Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2022, bvac061.

  2. Cocco, L.F., Aihara, A.Y., Lopes, F.P.P.L. et al. Three-dimensional printing models increase inter-rater agreement for classification and treatment of proximal humerus fractures. Patient Saf Surg 16, 5 (2022).

  3. Park JH, Filho AR, Pires APM, et al. (2021). Can we replace computed tomography angiography by contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the surveillance of patients submitted to aortoiliac aneurysm repair? Vascular. June 2021.

  4. Mendonça, RGM et al. (2020). Validation of the Brazilian Portuguese Version of the 24-Item Early-Onset Scoliosis Questionnaire. Global Spine Journal 11 (6): 911-917.

  5. Artigo na revista PLOS na área médica

  6. Cocco, LF; Yazzigi, JA; Kawakami, EFKI ; Alvachian, HJF ; dos Reis, FB; Luzo, MVM. (2019). Inter-observer reliability of alternative diagnostic methods for proximal humerus fractures: a comparison between attending surgeons and orthopedic residents in training. Patient Safety in Surgery 13:12.

  7. Cocco, LF; Ejnisman, B; Belangero, PS; Cohen, M; dos Reis, FB. (2018). Quality of life after antegrade intramedullary nail fixation of humeral fractures: a survey in a selected cohort of Brazilian patients. Patient Safety in Surgery 12:4.



Freelancer para a empresa Gutta:



Dr. Ricardo Abdalla Projeto FAPESP/PIPE (2019)



  1. Butantan – CENTD (

  2. BPI (Biotecnologia Pesquisa e Inovação)(

  3. Pós graduação Toxinologia - Butantan ( )

  4. SIAA Meio Ambiente e Tecnologia (

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